Tom Cruise becomes first Hollywood actor to perform HALO action sequence

Tom Cruise sets record  for being the first Hollywood actor to perform HALO stunts

Movie:- Mission Impossible- Fallout ( M:I-6) * Action* Adventure*

Age is just a number, this saying comes absolutely visible when we discuss the courage and love of  Tom Cruise for his professionalism. The 55-year-old actor took a year-long training to showcase meticulous action scenes in his upcoming flick Mission Impossible: Fallout  ( M:I– 6).

What is a HALO stunt?

If we talk about traditional skydiving techniques, it needs the altitude of 4000 meters and the act is manageable under the supervision of experts. Now the HALO stunt becomes special as a skydiving expert jumps from an aircraft at the altitude of 9000 meters and there is a sudden drop in temperature by two-degree Celsius. A special air mask is required to sustain under this extreme condition.

Tom Cruise is definitely not leaving any stone unturned to make sure that the flick gets everything which it needs to be a special one.

Video Credits – YouTube & Paramount Pictures.

Mission Impossible-fallout release and anticipation

Mission Impossible 6 is all set to hit the theaters on July 28 and the flick is one of the most anticipated movies in 2018. Christopher McQuarrie, the director also creates history as he is the first ever director for 6 installments within a franchise.

This indeed is not the first time when our favorite actor Tom Crusie took the risk of his life for performing some of the best action scenes. The HALO performance reminds us of the other stupendous stunts like The Burj Khalifa stunt.

Check out the glimpse of the Burj Khalifa action sequence.

video credit:- YouTube & Movieclips Trailers.

Film visual formats for Mission Impossible- fallout 

The action sequences of Mission Impossible- Fallout have been shot at the different locations in Britain, Norway, Newzeland, and India. With the grand worldwide release on July 27th, M:I-6 becomes the first film to be released in RealD-3D, IMAX 3D AND 2D IMAX.

Watch out the Mission Impossible -Fallout trailer

Video Credits:- YouTube & Paramount Pictures.



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