The king of laughter, Robin Williams’s documentary: Come inside my mind -Review

The king of laughter, Robin Williams documentary: Come inside my mind -Review.

HBO’s Documentary on Robin Williams life tops the must view lists this week.

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Robin Williams was not only an actor. He was a treasure of art and philosophy. His contribution to theatre and Cinema is an incredible study for many aspiring actors to come. “You are only a little spark of Madness and if you lose that you are nothing” quoted Robin Williams in his documentary. Come inside my mind is creating ripples all over the world as everyone wants to know about the hidden life of Robin Williams.

Robin Williams. Image Credit- Billboard


Direction for Robin Williams- Come inside my mind.

The 1 hour 56 minutes documentary film has been crafted by Marina Zenovich. Marina is known for her biographical documentaries. Earlier she directed a film on the famous comedian, Richard Pryor ( Richard Pryor: omit the logic). She also curated a  documentary on the controversial director, Roman Polanski, which won 2 Emmy Awards. Marina is extremely happy for her H.B.O release and she also recalls the memories of Robin Williams. 

Marina Zenovich interview on Come inside my mind

Video credit- Build Series and YouTube.

Is Bobcat Goldthwait not happy with the Robin Williams Documentary?

A close friend and a co-performer, Bobcat Goldthwait mentioned that he would like to miss the much awaited Robin Williams documentary. Come inside my mind director Marina Zenovich says that she understands that Bobcat was very close to Robin and watching these backstage moments would be touching and emotional.

Bobcat_ Goldthwait_and Robin_Williams
Bobcat Goldthwait and Robin Williams. Image credit-e-news


The Mysterious Life of Robin Williams

Robin Williams led a shielded life and he was always scared of being alone. Many of his friends talk about his genius on screen and also express regarding the solitude he dwelled in.

Robin Williams suicide has been a great mystery and it has not been explained yet. The 63 years old actor hanged himself to death on August 11, 2014.

The incredibly talented actor worked in many famous films like Mrs. Doubtsfire, Good Bye- Vietnam, Aladin, Dead Poets Society, Awakenings, The Birdcage, The Hudson etc. In 1997, He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film, Good Will Hunting.

Robin Williams Oscar-credit-HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images

Robin Williams would always be seen among the best actors of all time in the world. He has set a benchmark for my talented actors to come. He left the world with a mystery and it was a sad end for a famous heart winning performer like him.

Come Inside my mind is just a beginning of documentation on Robin Williams life. The documentary was first released on Jan 19th, 2018. It received great remarks and appreciation from all over the world.


IMDB rated the Documentary with 8.1. It shows 95% on rotten tomatoes and on Google search 92% people liked the film.

Robin Williams is an institution of meticulous acting and stage performance. Perhaps the end he got was sour, still, he will be remembered for his terrific movies and amazing performance.

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