10 reasons you must watch Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2- a Denzel Washington film

10 Reasons you must watch Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington comes back in his most suited avatar of a vigilant

Denzel Washington is one special actor in Hollywood who never did any sequel before The Equalizer 2 was announced. Perhaps it’s the great bond he shares with the director Antoine Fuqua which pushed him to do the film.

Denzel is known for his intense roles in Hollywood and he has done 3 action films with Antoine. Training days, The Equalizer and The Magnificient Seven.

a Denzel Washington film,2014

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Let’s check out the reasons which make The Equalizer 2 an unavoidable flick for the movie buffs

1. July 2018 is the month of sequels for Hollywood.

Three sequels which are getting the maximum attention are Ant-Man and the Wasp, Mission Impossible-Fallout and The Equalizer-2. Since there is a great buzz among the movie lovers to find out which one would be the best, thus it’s become topic of debate.  Trade Analysts and Film Critics have been divided into groups according to their inclinations and lobbies. The comparison is inevitable for these 3 films and every viewer would love to get the best out of his choice.

2.  Equalizer-2 is a scintillating thriller and Denzel Washington is best suited to this genre.

When we learned about the date finalization of this Denzel’s release, the first reaction was “YES” this is the thriller we had been waiting for. Denzel Washington is known for his intense roles in Hollywood and he has been simply terrific whenever he played a vigilant. He is one gem of an actor who doesn’t need to showcase acrobatic excellence to compliment his acting skills. The two times Academy Award winner seems to be at his very best with the trailers of The Equalizer-2.

3. It’s a tested and success proven subject.

The history of the Equalizer 2 is around 4 decades old. The concept was initiated in the form of TV series in 1981 with the same name. It was revamped in the form of a live-action movie by the director Antoine Fuqua in 2014. The first installment of the Equalizer’s franchise received an incredible response and it came out to be a critically as well as commercially appreciated film. The total budget of 2014, The Equalizer’s was $73 million and It made $193.5 million all over the world. With the success of the first release, there is a great excitement and anticipation for the second part among Denzel Washington’s fans.

4. The Equalizer’s 2 story connects you with Denzel’s character.

In Equalizer 2, Robert McCall is being played by Denzel Washington again, who gets to know about the assassination of his longtime friend Susan. He gears up to get back to his early ways for finding the truth and punish the murderers. He learned that Susan’s daughter has been abducted and the revenge tale takes him to Turkey. The plot seems like an old wine in a new bottle, however, the film trailers show a great depth in Denzel Washington’s character. He has been seen sporting a long beard and covering his head with a religious cap in the train scene. The dialogues from the trailers display a great intensity and the film seems like an absolute spectacle for action movie lovers.

5. Fan’s eagerness for The Equalizer 2 release.

Sony Pictures announced the film in 2015 and the pre-production ran until the mid of 2016. There have been many changes to the release date due to the post-production schedule. In 2017, Denzel Washington’s Fans were waiting eagerly for the film to release however it was pushed to August 2018 and then rescheduled for July 2018. If you are a Denzel Washington’s fan then we can understand that it’s been a teasing ride for you but as all’s well if the end’s well, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for a great success.


6. Sony Pictures ropes Harry Gregson- Willaims for the background score.

An action thriller film is simply incomplete with a good background score. With many fighting and suspense sequences involved, a film like, The Equalizer 2 needs a magician in the form of musician to rock the surroundings. To give this project a great height of expectation Sony picture roped Harry Gregson-Williams who has given music for TV series and the films like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Martian, Metal Gear, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the Shrek franchise.

Harry is also known for his great contribution in several video games music composition. His notable work includes the Metal Gear series. 

7. Great selection of supporting cast and release date.

The Equalizer cast includes Denzel Washington, Ashton Sanders, Pedro Pascal, Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman in the pivotal roles. Pedro Pascal acclaimed recognition for his role of Oberyn Martel in the 4rth season of Games of Thrones -HBO series and also in Narcos as Javier Pena -the Netflix Series.

Ashton Sanders is a familiar face from 2016, Academy Award-winning film, Moonlight. His role in the film received global appreciation.

Melissa Leo is well known for her roles in the TV series like – All my children and The young raider. She also received an Oscar nomination for best actress in 2008 for Frozen River

Bill Pullman has done many great roles in the films like Independence Day, Lost Highway, Lake Placid, While you were sleeping and many more.

Sony Picture chose a safe release date for The Equalizer 2 to avoid competition, as, on July 12th Skyscraper, a Dwayne Johnson film is hitting the screens. After 7 days of The Equalizer 2 release, there would be a grand entry for Mission Impossible- fallout in cinema halls. July 2oth is indeed a perfect day for the Denzel Washington film.

8. Oliver Wood to shoot for The Equalizer 2.

The film has been shot in Boston and Lynn in Massachusetts and some sequel were also photographed in Marshfield. The Equalizer 2 has been cinematographed by Oliver Wood who shot films like The Bourne Ultimatum, Jack Reacher -Never go back, Face off, National Security and Die Hard-2.


9. The trailer seems amazing, Watch it out yourself right here

Trailer credit- YouTube and FilmSelect Trailer.

The trailer showcases stupendous dialogues, amazing fight sequences, and thrilling background score. Denzel’s journey to find the truth of his friend’s murder and to release the abducted kid has been shown clearly to set the right expectations among the audience. The film’s editing looks stunning with the inclusion of some terrific aerial shots. The Equalizer 2 trailer stands firm like an absolute treat for the fans.

10. Denzel last film bombed and he must be desperate for a hit

The two times Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington’s last film Roman J. Israel Esq. tanked and he didn’t get the result as he must have been anticipating. He has always been keen to showcase his versatility in adapting for different characters, however, his fans love him most in action flicks. The actor seems to be playing safe with The Equalizer 2 as he is returning to the genre which suits him the best.

Roman J. Israel, ESQ.- a Denzel Washington film, 2017
Roman J. Israel, ESQ.- a Denzel Washington film, 2017

Image credit-BBFC.

Box Office Predictions 

The Equalizer 2 is scheduled to be released by Sony Pictures on July 20th before one week of the release of much awaited Mission Impossible -Fallout. According to Box Office magazine, the film may collect gross $ 20-25 million in the first week in the USA and Canada. These figures would fluctuate in coming days and the films like The Ant-Man and the Wasp & Skyscraper would set the trend for the viewers. The Equalizer 2 may not get a humongous release like a Marvel film, still, it does have a great potential to attract the audience.  Whatever may be the predictions, Denzel’s fans are waiting eagerly to see him knocking the antagonists on the silver screen as a vigilant once again.

we hope a great success for The Equalizer 2 and wish more installments for the franchise in coming years.

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