The countdown begins for Dwayne Johnson’s Super thrilling Skyscraper

The countdown begins for Dwayne Johnson’s super thrilling Skyscraper.

Dwayne Johnson emphasis that Skyscraper is an original plot.

Dwayne Johnson, popular as Rock among his followers is all set for his mega release “Skyscraper” on July 13. The 46-year old actor has been going through a lot of criticism as Skyscraper is being compared to Die-Hard. There has been a great buzz in media and even on social platforms regarding Skyscraper’s story. Ever since the movie was announced, there is a great comparison.

Dwayne_ Johnson- Skyscraper
Dwayne Johnson- Skyscraper.

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How did Dwayne Johnson tackle this comparison?

Dwayne Johnson did what a gentleman should have done. He took the comparison graciously and replied on Twitter with the Skyscraper’s trailer.

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We also have his original Twitter post for you

Dwayne Johnson Twitter post



Dwayne Johnson kept his side in a great way and continued to converse with his fans through social media. He understands that these comparisons are obvious and to show his gratitude for the legendary films which were being compared to Skyscraper he Tweeted this way

Dwayne Johnson tweet

Dwayne Johnson has kept a modest outlook on the reaction which he received from the fans and probably paying homage to the films like Die Hard and Towering Inferno was the perfect move.

Dwayne Johnson to perform mind-blowing stunts in Skyscraper

The last few trailers of the Skyscraper have been simply terrific. Dwayne Johnson seems to be at his very best this time with his incredible action timing. The film has been directed by Rawson Marshall Thumber who curated projects like We are the Miller’s(2013), Central Intelligence(2016) and Dodgeball: A true underdog story(2004).  

Dwayne Johnson’s last three films.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. His last film Rampage, released this year in April. The film was made with the budget of $120 million and it collected  $423.90 million all over the world. Rampage was a Sci-fi film which was based on a video game series. Like most of Dwayne Johnson’s films, it did well on box office and received an average rating by the critics.

rampage-image credit-Wikipedia

Jumanji, Welcome to the jungle.

Jumanji, welcome to the jungle got released in December 2017 and came as an X-Mas gift for his fans. The film was made with the budget of  $100 million and it earned $971.60 million on the box office. The adventurous comedy film received above average ratings by the critics.

Jumanji welcome to the jungle- credit- Wikipedia



We all know about the famous American television series Baywatch which ruled the idiot box for years. The show ran from 1989 to 1999 and earned great popularity all over the world.

Baywatch- image credit-Wikipedia

The concept was scripted for a full-length live action flick and Dwayne Johnson became the first choice of the director Seth Gordon. It was one of the most anticipated films for the year 2017 and did fairly good business. Curated with the budget of $69 million the highly hyped action drama collected $177 million all over the world.


Expectations from the Dwayne Johnson’s next.

Skyscraper is being anticipated as the biggest live-action box office grosser for the year 2018. According to Forbes Magazine, it may get an opening for $32 million. The figure may seem small in comparison with Avengers: Infinity War and Incredible 2, as they got the opening for above $100 million in the first weekend. The important thing to notice is these films do not fall under the original live-action flicks. In 2018 the highest grossing live-action film is Book club, which got the opening for $13 million and Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper does have the potential to go above this mark very easily.


Other Hollywood films releasing with Skyscraper.

Apart from Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper, there is a long list of the films coming out on box office on July 13. Let’s check out the other films

Siberia:- It’s a Keanu Reeves’s Action packed crime thriller. The film has been directed by Mathew Ross whose last film Frank and Lola came in 2016.

Keanu Reeves Siberia, Poster credit-moviefone
  • Puzzle:- The film stars Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan in the lead and based on a story of a conventional wife who wants to find new meanings for life. Puzzle is a maiden box office debut for the director Marc Turtletaub.
    Puzzle-Image credit -Wikipedia


  • Hotel Transylvania 3- Summer Vacation: For the kids and 3d animation film lovers there is a great treat as the third installment of Hotel Transylvania is on the way to release on July 13 with Skyscraper.
Hotel Transylvania 3, Image Credit-Wikipedia.
  • Eighth Grade, Don’t worry he won’t get far on foot and Poorboy are the other films which would showcase in cinema halls near you on July 13, 2018.

Dwyane Johnson has a great fan base all over the world and even if the film has been in the news due to the comparisons, one thing we all know is it’s going to be a heavy dose for the action flicks lovers.







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