Kim Kardashian faces allegations for stealing Vibes Marketing logo

Kim Kardashian faces allegations for stealing Vibes Marketing logo

Vibes Media is all set to sue Kim Kardashian to sell her product under their copyrighted logo.


Kim Kardashian doesn’t really bother herself on hearing that she is famous for being famous. She exploits social media to the core to be in headlines. Whatever she does becomes a trend to follow, however, this time she has engaged herself in a terrible controversy.

Last week Kim Kardashian West launched her new perfume – ” Vibes”. The name she gave to this brand sounds impeccable. However, She was not aware that this name is going to rope her in a lawsuit trouble.


Kim Kardashian on Instagram


Kim Kardashian made $5 million in a few minutes on her perfume launch at Social Media.

Noone uses Social Media better than Kim Kardashian West. She didn’t invest even a single penny and made a whopping profit of $5 million. She released a new range of perfume with 3 distinguished variants. These are Kimoji Peach, Kimoji Vibe, and Kimoji Cherry.

Social Media has been used meticulously to sell these variants starting from $45 each.

For this incredible perfume launch, Kim had some extraordinary plans and she sent complimentary bottles to many friends in Hollywood.


Drew Berrymore on Instagram promoting Kim’s Vibes perfume.


The Vibes Controversy which picked the fire.

the vibes
kim perfumes bottle logo in left. In right the logo for Vibes Marketing. image credit- fox news.


Vibes Media is a marketing firm located in Chicago. The company is all set to bring Kim Kardashian under a copyright lawsuit. Vibes media copyrighted the logo in 2012 and they have all the legal documents for this. The company demands compensation for the copyright violation. They also want that the remaining perfume bottle should be destroyed.


Kim Kardashian is a queen of controversies.

This is not the first time when Kim is being sued by a company for copyright violations. She introduced her body perfume bottle and this was similar to Jean Paul Gaultier’s design issued in 1993.



Kim on Instagram.

Noone really knows whether it was a genuine mistake or she brought this vibes dissension deliberately. Whatever the reality is, we can’t deny the fact that she is generating likes on every move she makes.


Kim on Instagram

A very few people have beauty and brain both. Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of this blend.

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