Irrfan Khan posts his next Hollywood film trailer on twitter

Irrfan Khan posts his next Hollywood film trailer on Twitter.

“Puzzle” Irrfan khan’s Hollywood film to hit the screens on July 13.

Irrfan Khan, who has been going through rounds of speculations due to his illness found a better way for optimism and shared the trailer of his upcoming Hollywood film “Puzzle” on Twitter.

When you complete a “Puzzle” you know you have made the right choices. The dialogue delivered by Irfan Khan in the film gives inspiration to his fans to gear up for this subtle yet extraordinary film. Every film which Irrfan did, has been a special one. He is an institute of inspiration for modern age acting students and Filmmakers. With the trailer he shared on Twitter, we expect to see good and meaningful cinema.

Let’s see the trailer of Irrfan Khan’s next movie – Puzzle.

trailer credit- YouTube and Sony Pictures Classics.

Trailer review and Interesting facts about “Puzzle”.


The trailer clearly displays that Puzzle is a story of a housewife who wants to discover new dimensions in life. The plot keeps Anges is center who has been hypothesized as a conventional wife. Out of her daily dormitory schedule, she explores her keen interest in unlocking jigsaw puzzles. This evolvement connects her to a stunning world where she learns about unimagined elements of life.

Puzzle_movie_poster_Irrfan _khan_next_film
Puzzle movie-Irrfan Khan’s next film

Poster Credits:- Google search and

We often need a guide in life to help us in finding the right direction. Irrfan Khan plays a motivating figure for the protagonist, Anges. Root to all the sufferings is our desire not to suffer. In the opening of the trailer, we see this dialogue which simply indicates that Anges wants to come out of her boredom and she needs a breakthrough.

She gets a new light in her life when she realizes her keen interest in solving puzzles. This comes out as a bone of contention for her family.


Kelly Macdonald is playing the lead protagonist, Anges, and David Denman will be seen as her husband.

Irrfan Khan is playing Anges’s partner in her Puzzle solving obsession.

Austin Abrams will be seen as Gabe. He grabbed Anges’s young son’s role.

Liv Hewson plays Austin’s Girlfriend.

Puzzle star-cast is a great blend of experienced and new actors. The film Director, Marc Turtletaub has been courageous enough to experiment with his choice in his maiden box office debut.

Let’s go back to the history lane and check the contribution of Puzzle’s star cast in the World of Cinema.


Kelly Macdonald has done some brilliant films like Coen brother’s No Country for Old man, Trainspotting, Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows -Part -2. 

Kelly_ MacDonald_ with_ Coen_ brothers,_ Javier_ Bardeen_ &_ Josh_ Brolin
Kelly Macdonald with Coen brothers, Javier Bardeen & Josh Brolin at 60th Cannes Film Festival,2007 for No Country for Old Man.

Image credit -Google and GettyImages

Kelly’s last film was Goodbye Christopher Robin, which was a British production and received average ratings.

Kelly has been going through a lot of variation in her films. The last film she did was a periodic drama and now she plays a housewife.

David Denman initiated his career with Keanu Reeves and Gene Heckman in the film, The Replacements. His best films are Shutter, Jobs, 13 Hours, Fair Game, After Earth, Men Women, and Children and The Gift. 

David’s last film was Logan Lucky. Steven Soderberg directed the film and it had Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Katie Holmes in the lead. Logan Lucky was a Comedy film based on a robbery plot. It did fairly good at the box office.

Irrfan Khan is an incredibly blessed actor who doesn’t need any introduction. He is a product of National School of Drama, India and belongs to Rajasthan.  He worked with some of the best directors in Hollywood and his presence adds a dignity to any Project.

Irrfan Khan

Image Credit- Mid-day.

He made his debut in 1988 with Salaam Bombay and the film got nominated for Academy Awards. Ever since then Irrfan Khan never looked back and became a guarantee of impressive performance in his every film.

Irrfan Khan contributed in some big Hollywood films like The Warrior(2001), Namesake(2006), The Darjeeling limited(2007). In 2008, he had a terrific accomplishment as his film Slumdog Millionaire won Academy Award for best film. This was just a beginning for Irrfan. He worked with the director Ang Lee in Life of Pie(2012). 

Irrfan Khan shared screen space with Tom Hanks in Inferno(2016) and also worked in The Amazing Spider-Man(2012) and Jurrasic World(2015). His last film Blackmail was an Indian black comedy and the film received average reviews.

Austin Abrams started his career with Ticking Clock, 2011 American Action Film. Austin’s last film was Brad’s Status. He worked with Ben Stiller in the film and it received an average response.

Liv Hewson is 22-year-old Australian actor who is recently seen in Netflix Series Santa Clarita Diet.

International Premier for Puzzle

Puzzle is a feel-good movie and the film got premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. The film received a positive response by the critics and Kelly Macdonald was praised for her amazing performance. She played the role of a grappling woman with midlife crises and she did an absolute justice to the film. She has been supported terrifically By Irrfan Khan and their chemistry is indeed the lifeline of the film.

Irrfan Khan with co-stars and Puzzle team at the Sundance Film Festival

Video Credit:- YouTube & The Hollywood Reporter


The Irrfan Khan’s film has been directed by Marc Turtletaub. The director took inspiration from an Argentine film with the same name which was released in 2010. Puzzle would be the maiden box-office release for the director,  Marc Turtletaub.  Puzzle has been written by Oren Moverman and Sony Pictures bought worldwide rights to showcase the film on July 13, 2018.

Irfan is known for his incredible acting skills and the choices he made for his international film projects. Recently there has been great speculations regarding his illness. The 52-year-old actor is in Britain and getting treatment for Neuroendocrine Tumor.  We wish the entire team an excellent opening and may the film win hearts all over the world.

Hey! we have a PUZZLE special for you. Let’s check how rocking is your Cinema knowledge.

Find the puzzle right below


Mission_ Impossible
Mission Impossible-Fallout special. Tom Cruise performs Halo Stunt.



Puzzle special:- Check Your Cinema IQ 

1. Who is this Actor?

The picture is a real proof of this actor’s versatility. He can pull off any role that too with an ease. Are you guessing who this actor is. He is a national award winner our favorite Irrfan Khan.

2. Which Film earned Irrfan a National award?

Hindi Medium





Posters credit:- Wikipedia and Google.

The right answer is none of them. Irrfan Khan won a National Award for the film Pan Singh Tomar in 2013.


Paan Singh Tomar

Poster Credit –



3. In how many movies did Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui work together?

Think before you guess. These two geniuses have given some of the best films we witnessed in the last two decades.

What is your answer:-

One film, Probably Two films, Are you thinking they never worked?

The right answer to the question is 3. lets check the films.

They worked in three films together.

  1. Paan Singh Tomar (2012).
  2. The Lunchbox (2013).
  3. Meridian (2013).

these films have been critically acclaimed and set new benchmarks for the coming generations. We wish Irrfan Khan a speedy recovery and hope for zillion meticulous films in future. Probably we would get to see Nawazuddin and Irrfan again.

the lunchbox

Image credit-

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