5 most inspiring Hollywood films for your children

5 most inspiring Hollywood films for your children

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1.Forrest Gump

If you have never been a fan of Tom Hanks and you missed most of his films then this is the right flick to think that how could you miss Tom Hanks films released during 90’s and post-2k Euphoria.

Tom Hanks is an institution within himself for acting and film production. He worked in some of the best-rated films of all times like Philadelphia, Big, Saving Private Ryan, The Terminal, Catch me if you can and the best one undoubtedly is Forrest Gump.

If someone is living with a disability and searching for inspirational cinema then Forrest Gump is the story for him. Forrest Gump is a story of a guy who gets different situations and scenarios in his life and he stands still against all the odds he faces. Born as a crippled autistic and an only son to her mother Forrest is a highly emotional person who doesn’t know how to express his emotions.

The film has been directed stupendously by Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks fitted himself beautifully in different roles, from an army professional to a whimsical runner. This film is an absolute treat and you would like to watch it again and again.


2.Batman Begins

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Kids love superheroes and Batman is one of the protagonists who has been praised by the viewers from all over the world. This DC character has been portrayed on celluloid so meticulously by Christopher Nolan that Batman became an icon to look upon.

Batman was played by Christian Bale and you must show the Batman trilogy to your toddlers as it’s an exciting thriller and very encouraging.


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Damien Chazelle showed the world through this film that life is a big challenge and even if you have a great potential, it’s not easy to get a life you desire.

It’s a story of a young budding drummer Andrew, who decides to get training to polish his skills. Though he gets the best possible mentor(Fletcher), however the trainer himself becomes the biggest trouble for the boy.

It’s a passionate story of Andrew (Miller Teller) who would do anything to make his dream come true and a controversial act by Fletcher ( J.K. Simmons) to do everything for assuring his student’s failure.


4.Goodwill Hunting

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The film has been directed by Gas Van Sant and displays a unique case of Wil hunting who has a wonderful gift of mathematics. He doesn’t have a formal education but can show wonders of different mathematics theories. Will Hunting (Matt Damon) who is a janitor, requires help to find a way in his life and meets Sean (Robin William) for a new start.


5.Children of Heaven

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If you are a movie buff then you ought to see the amazing flicks directed by Majid Majidi. He is an international filmmaker from Iran and his films are simply outstanding.

The film focusses on a small boy who loses his school shoes. Now he borrows school shoes from his sister and the great a struggle every day to reach the school on time. The film shows a great adventurous story and without any doubt, it’s a must watch.

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