About us

About us

Trends Popular is an online platform to display different existing and ongoing styles in the field of Movies, International Cinema, Fashion, Lifestyle, Home décor, Travel, Healthcare and Career management.  We test various lifestyle products, bring true reviews from users and disseminate potential information for the different set of audiences.

If we discuss about entertainment then there is no possibility of excluding Movies and Celebrities. Trends Popular helps you in getting

International Movies- Hollywood- Indian film Industry -Short films and more.

  • latest and old Movie reviews.
  • Hollywood celebrities update
  • Hollywood Gossip
  • International Cinema updates
  • Lists of different “Must Watch Movies”
  • Documentary films and World Cinema updates
  • World’s best students’ and professional SHORT FILMS reviews.

FASHION- Celebrities- Fashion stories- Famous styles- latest fashion trends.

Fashion is nothing but a state of your fondness towards distinctive styles and articles which help you to describe yourself. You love to express yourself with contrasting T-shirts, Pants, Skirts, watches, Hairdos, nail arts, glasses and anything which gives an incredible feeling of being adored.

Trends popular helps you in finding the right style, the best stylist, the perfect site and the most amazing guide to suit your very special requirement.

We Cover

  • Celebrity styles and fashion statements.
  • Most popular and latest fashion trends.
  • Fashion stories.
  • Online support for latest trendy articles.
  • In-depth on do’s and don’ts in the field of fashion.
  • Latest hairstyle trending.
  • Latest dresses in trend for Men and Women.

Career Management in the field of Filmmaking and fashion.

Trends Popular gives you an insight into the crucial Filmmaking institutes and Fashion academies for the budding and aspiring students.

  • Select the right stream in Cinema.
  • What is the right package for you to be a Professional in the field of Filmmaking and Fashion.
  • How you can cut unwanted expenses and unrequired paid sessions in your training.


Trends Popular is your perfect Social media Reporter. We cover a variety of topics like Travel, Gadgets, Fitness, Diet, Lifestyle and much more

Recently there has been a significant emergence for travel guidance programs to make online generation aware about their perfect destination travel within an affordable budget.

  • Our experts create superb leads for informing you regarding best travel locations and you also get to know about experiences of travelers who have been to different spots. Everyone likes to stay with the trend and when you investing in travel then you ought to get information for the most sought places for a lifetime experience.
  • Best Flights, hotels, restaurants, and there is much more which you can discover about the latest trends in Trends Popular.


Home décor is one of the most discussed segments and we would love to help you in this specialized zone. You would get to know regarding amazing articles for styling your home with easy to find products. We would provide reviews on- what to use and what to avoid, for helping you to get the best of your budget.

Home décor is an art and if you have a great interest in this then you need a superb guide to help you at every stage. Trends popular is your true friend in your mission to make your home look like paradise.



Rohit Chandel