10 best suspense movies of all time

10 best suspense movies of all time

we bring the list of suspense thriller films which will give you an ultimate idea to pick the best psychological thriller movies of all time.

We know you love to see suspense films due to your inclination towards thrill, twist, and turns in a story. So we forward to you the list of mystery thriller films which you would love to keep on your bucket list. The easiest way to manage your best suspense films index is to view these films according to film directors.

Stanley Kubrick –  master of the best psychological thriller movies of all time.

Stanley Kubrick -Image credit- A&E’S Biographies


Stanley Kubrick was one famous director who always concentrated his energies to make the best suspense movies of all time. He had an unparallel vision for film production and created the next generation movies. Two films which come under the list of the best psychological thriller movies are The Shining(1980) and Eyes Wide Shut(1999)

The Shining(1980)

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If you haven’t seen The Shining then you must grab your copy today. This is one of the best suspense movies of all times. Jack wants to resettle his writing caliber and he gets to move to an isolated hotel in Colorado with his family. As they move to this overlooked and threatening hotel, he begins to lose sanity and starts acting weirdly. On the other side, his son gets premonitions and he witnesses abnormal and thrilling visions. The decision of moving to this hotel as a caretaker comes out as a big mess.

The Shining- Image Credit-too scary to watch

the shining


Eyes Wide Shut(1999)

Tom Cruise’s wife Nicole Kidman admits that she had a sexual infatuation with a man she met. This comes out a disturbing fact for Tom and he wants to have a sexual experience with someone else. He finds a castle where an underground troop organizes sexual parties and they practice uncommon rituals.  Tom is obsessed to witness this place and eventually, he realizes that this one-night tale is beyond his mind.

Eyes Wide Shut-Image credit-CineMaterial

 Stanley Kubrick was undoubtedly a genius in the field of filmmaking. This was his last Feature film as a director. Eyes Wide Shut is an incredibly curated movie and would always be listed as one of the best suspense movies of all time.

Eyes Wide Shut- Secret party scene. Image Credit- YouTube


eyes wide shut




David Lynch – a terrific film director for some best psychological thriller movies.

David Lynch is famous for making films on unusual subjects. He likes to bring unimagined twists and turns in his films. He is inspired by many of Stanley Kubrick’s films, still, he has a style of his own. We are going to keep his two films- Lost Highway(1997) and Mulholland Drive(2001) under our list of suspense thriller films.

David Lynch. Image Credit-MovieWeb


Lost Highway

Lynch has connected two different but overlapping stories in a way that your eyes remain wide open and you keep asking yourself how this happened. You may want to see the film again for having a better understanding. Lynch indeed is a great director of suspense thriller films and Lost Highway is among the best suspense movies of all time.


Bill Pullman is a Jazz musician, who discovers that his wife has an extramarital affair. He finds that his wife has been murdered and he has been accused as a murderer. He is sent to a jail where he gets vanished and Lynch shows us a different character staying in the same cell. This other guy is Balthazar Getty who happened to work as a car mechanic. He has a backstory where he has been shown infatuated by a gangster girlfriend. The two different stories have been joined by the leading lady Patricia Arquette, as she is the girl in the lives of our leading guys.

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Mullholand Drive- one of the best psychological movies

In a car crash, a black haired girl forgets about her identity. She roams and grapples on the streets and finally sneaks into an apartment. Bety is also a newcomer in this house and she assumes that this accident victim is related to this house. The victim doesn’t recall anything from her past. She names herself Rita. Bety is an aspiring actress and she connects herself to Rita’s journey to find who is she in this world of dreams and reality.

David Lynch, Mulholland Drive director never revealed his true narration for this incredibly suspense thriller film. There are different versions of interpretation through various critics and filmmakers for Mulholland Drive.


Mulholland drive
MULHOLLAND DRIVE- image credit Eleperidico.com

david lynch

Martin Scorsese- an amazing director for situational best suspense movies of all time.

Martin Scorsese is renowned for his meticulous direction in some of the best films in the world. He is known for strong storylines and showing obsession of a character. The film which we are going to include in the list of suspense films is After hours.

after hours
After hours poster. Image credit-the ace black blog

After Hours synopsis

Paul Hackett is a word professor who meets Marcy in a cafe in Manhattan. He finds Marcy attractive and can’t wait to meet her again. He has a $20 bill and takes a cab to Marcy’s place. The $20 bill flies out of the taxi and Paul doesn’t have money to pay the cabbie. This puts him in a row of unexpected incidents for a radiant and surreal experience. This is one of the best suspense movies of all time and a tale of one night. Will Paul meet Marcy and then get back to his home? See this terrific suspense thriller for your answers.



Alfred Hitchcock – The king of the best suspense movies of all times.

How is it possible to keep Alfred Hitchcock movies out of this list of best psychological films of all time. He is one special director who dedicated his filmmaking career to the suspense genre. You can pick any of his films and there would suspense, thrill, horror, and everything which takes you to the edge of your seat.

Alferd Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock. Image credit- IMBD


Two films which we are going to consider in the list of best suspense movies of all time are Psycho and Dial M for Murder.


Psycho. Image Credit-empireonline.it

Marion steals money from her office and runs out of town. She is in a car and takes every possible measure to hide her identity. She reaches the dishonorable Bates motel and it’s a thrilling experience to have an encounter with Norman Bates.

Alfred Hitchcock has a tremendous command over suspense and horror plots. There is a simplicity, silence, right music and appropriate length in his films.


Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder
Dial M for Murder. Image credit-Mental Floss

Tony finds that his wife had an extramarital affair. He plans to kill his wife by blackmailing an old-time college friend. The plan for killing his wife through a friend falls flat and there is a turn around in the story.



Identity – An exceptionally mysterious and one of the best psychological thriller movies by James Mangold.

Identity. Image Credit- Taste of Cinema


Identity synopsis

Under heavy rain and storm, 10 people reach a secluded motel. There is a series of death as they start getting murdered. Who is the murderer? Why they reached this motel? Is it a surreal incident? Find out the answers by seeing this amazingly crafted suspense film today.



Predestination– a mind-boggling suspense thriller movie by  The Spierig Brothers.


Predestination. Image credit- Good Movies Box

When you discover the truth in the climax one you would say Oh my god! How could the director think of such an interesting plot? Ethan Hawk has been given the assignment to change history through time travel. He would go back to 1975 and prevent some bomb attacks.

Predestination is a unique serious thriller story and you won’t recall any such movie from the past. The film direction, story revelation, and superb cast put this film into the list of best suspense movies of all times.


Rosemary baby

Rosemary's Baby
Rosemary’s Baby. Image Credit-Cult of Monster



Rosemary and her husband move to a new apartment. She is pregnant and finds peculiar things surrounded by this new place. She sees weird dreams and hears disturbing voices. She begins to suspect that her neighbors are planning some evil practices for her unborn baby.

The psychological thriller has been directed by Roman Polanski and it’s a masterpiece for many other cult suspense films.

Rosemary's_ baby_copy


Watch this Alfred Hitchcock interview on his filmamking

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The Equalizer 2- a Denzel Washington film
The Equalizer 2- a Denzel Washington film

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